ICP technical fantasy

As I understand, ICP is a canister-based token, unlike cycles which are hardcoded into the system.

I don’t know it for sure, but I’m assuming this because of the general Dfinity’s trend to make thin-yet-powerful core and express other things as canisters on top of it. And it also just makes sense to move ICPs to a higher abstraction layer, right?

If that’s so, Dfinity will also propose a token specification (like ERC-20 or so). If that so, could we have a chance to take a sneak peek at it, even if it’s draft?

For me personally, this would be very helpful to know if you have any plans to include sendAndCall capabilities (like in ERC 677 or 777) by default or I should come up with my own solution for this problem.



:heavy_plus_sign: re: token specification sneak peek; I’m starting work on a large project that will run on the IC and am drafting my implementation of our token right now. Having at least a rough semblance of what interface Dfinity expects tokens to conform to for use in any sort of decentralized exchange etc. would be very helpful :pray:

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check this out https://github.com/flyq/motoko_token