ICP on Farcaster

Farcaster is a “sufficiently” decentralized social network built on Ethereum (think of it as Twitter for Web3). Warpcast is a client to interact with Farcaster.

Farcaster just raised $150 million in seed funding and continues to grow its user base within the web3 ecosystem.

Farcaster has made integrations with Arbitrum and Solana. However, a few community members have shown interest in using ICP to build on top of Farcaster. We want to build on this momentum to show ICP technology to the wider Ethereum and Solana ecosystems.

Examples of building on Farcaster on ICP include:

  1. Deploying a “decentralized” Farcaster Frame using ICP. A frame lets you turn any cast or Farcaster post into an interactive app.
  1. An ICP canister smart contract controlling a Farcaster account

This could enable DAOs to own their Farcaster account.

Warpcast is also used to amplify ICP within the web3 ecosystem. There is an /icp channel on Warpcast.

What are you interested in?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  1. What applications or functionalities would make building on top of Farcaster with ICP?
  2. How should we use Farcaster to market ICP to the broader web3 ecosystem?

All my IRL crypto friends rave about farcaster. They tried to on board me but I couldn’t get into it. If we can go to them though… :exploding_head:

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I would switch from twitter in a heartbeat, but as with all social medias the network effects are real. There doesn’t seem to be an ICP presence over there and it will be a challenge to switch.
Someone just has to make an ICP canister that somehow bridges all these social media networks or something lol

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I joined Farcaster over a year ago. The discussions there were good but solely focused on issues/apps in Ethereum for quite a long time. The recent Frame thing was fun too, maybe we will try it out sometime. But as it looks to us now, the functionalities are quite limited and we don’t like the fact that everything were basically centered around tokens/NFTs using these tools.

Another thought, though Farcaster is developing fast, it is still quite small compared to Twitter. So why not weaponize the common users of Twitter with the keys they need for digital signature of contents and assets, instead of migrating to Farcaster? I’d be very much interested to watch what happens then. We will explore in that direction using ICP :smiley: