ICP Improvement Proposal 0021 - URI Scheme

ICP is wonderful with update calls being replicated across distributed canister nodes using consensus and finalised in just secs.

Is there is any URI scheme defined for ICP. It can enable users to easily make payments by simply clicking links on webpages or scanning QR Codes.

Below are URI schemes improvement proposals for BTC and ADA

Here is Bitcoin - BIP 21 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/BIP_0021
Cardano - CIP 13 https://cips.cardano.org/cips/cip13/
URI Scheme registry

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I’ve wanted this on the NNS for a while. I should be able to do Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap and have the nns validate me and preload the payment screen where all I have to do is select the account I want the payment to go out of.

icp:// uri is not taken yet. Can you/somebody from ICP send an email and register URI schema for icp:// ? Then, we can catch URI schemas link from browser extensions and mobile apps

Details are provided here

Send a copy of the scheme registration request or a pointer
to the document containing the request (with specific
reference to the section that requests the scheme
registration) to the mailing list uri-review@ietf.org,
requesting review. In addition, request review on other
relevant mailing lists as appropriate. For example, general
discussion of URI syntactical issues can be discussed on
uri@w3.org; schemes for a network protocol can be discussed
on a mailing list for that protocol. Allow a reasonable time
for discussion and comments. Four weeks is reasonable for a
‘permanent’ registration request.