ICP cost comparison with AWS

I would appreciate if team can give clarity about the cost comparison with AWS. lately I came across this thread which suggests overall cost of Internet Computer is much higher than AWS. In my opinion this has implications for high data usage projects such as Metaverse and gamefi.

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Tagging @bob11 since he is the author of the ICP.guide

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Hey @BenManz! Welcome to the community! A list of caveats first:

  1. Hazel did a cool analysis and posted to Twitter
  2. I did some extrapolation and comparison
  3. Neither of us have done any extremely rigorous cost comparisons, but these costs felt pretty close, and close enough to share.

As for being more expensive, it depends on what you mean. AWS subsidizes data-in costs in order to convince you to store data there, and then up-charges you on data-out for the rest of your life. So data-in is more expensive on the IC.

Data-out however is much more affordable on the IC. So I expect low frequency data-in and high frequency data-out applications to fare very well on the IC.

We are in need of more advanced cost comparison analyses, but this was a pretty good start I think.


Thanks bob for ur input. We were looking to migrate mataverse project but find it difficult to have long term cost implications.