ICP at Consensus 2024

The ICP ecosystem will actively participate in Consensus 2024.

Consensus is one of the most important events in the crypto and web3 space, and its 10th edition will be on May 29-31 in Austin, Texas. The ICP ecosystem will be present with several activities:

Happy hour with Internet Computer & Friends

We will host a happy hour on May 28th, so that you can do two very important things while you warm up for Consensus: eat (an amazing) BBQ and network with interesting people and projects. Members from DFINITY and the ICP Hub network will be available to help answer questions and provide info for teams on grants, getting started, etc.

Find out more at Happy Hour with Internet Computer & Friends · Luma . The RSVP is full but if you want to get in, join the waitlist and let us know here so that we admit you.

Main Conference and Hackathon

Jessie Mongeon, Hannah Fressle, and Jennifer Tran will attend the main Consensus Conference at the Austin Convention Center. We’ll be attending sessions on DePIN, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more!

If you are building a project at the hackathon, especially if you plan on using ICP tech, please connect with us to discuss how we can help you further market your product.

If you are an ecosystem team attending the conference, please respond to the forum for additional marketing opportunities.

Official Closing Party

ICP will sponsor the official closing party for Consensus organized by ATX DAO. Join us at The Austin Garden at Inn Cahoots on Friday May 31st for the official closing event where leading innovators meet chill Austin vibes and live music. RSVP at ATX DAO Block Party Presented by Gath3r Events

ICP people involved in Consensus activities:

  • Pedro Galvan (ICP Hub USA) @pedrogk
  • Monica Talan (ICP Hub USA)
  • Claudio Cossio (ICP Hub Mexico)
  • Manuel Haro (ICP Hub Mexico) - @mharo
  • Jennifer Tran (DFINITY) @jennifertran
  • Jessie Mongeon (DFINITY) @Jessie
  • Hannah Fressle (DFINITY)
  • Scott Spiegel (BitBasel) @scott4044
  • Scarlett Arana (BitBasel)
  • Jorge Cortes (BitBasel)

I’ll be around! Added my self to the waitlist on Luma.


Okay, we will make sure to allow you in!

Great, we’ll connect on Twitter or here to find a mutual time where we can connect.

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Hello everyone,

As the media platform on Internet Computer, our Japanese team will be there. I hope they will catch you around.


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