ICP Events at DevConnect 2023

Are you or any of your team members attending DevConnect 2023?

If so, come find us at several of the events!

Wednesday, November 15th:

Cross-Chain Hacker’s Den

This hacker house is filled with talks on the cross-chain capabilities on the Internet Computer. Submit to our bounties to win prizes!

Sign up here for free: Cross-Chain Hacker’s Den · Luma.

Threshold Crypto Day

This one-day conference covers threshold cryptography research, engineering, product, and more. Join us for a day of learning, exploration, and networking.

Sign up here for free: Threshold Crypto Day · Luma

Thursday, November 16th:

ETH Pragma

Pragma is a one-day hub for high-quality talks and as a forum of discussion for builders and leaders from the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. DFINITY Founder Dominic Williams will join a roundtable speaker. We’ll also have a booth.

Purchase a ticket here: https://ethglobal.com/events/pragma-istanbul


I’ll be there :tada: :wink:

and bumping this up…


I’m excited to see you guys there :sweat_smile:

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