ICDevs x DFINITY = Accelerated Bounties

ICDevs x DFINITY = Accelerated Bounties

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to announce that the DFINITY Foundation is stepping up and getting behind ICDev’s bounty program.

To date we’ve issued 6 bounties and 2 of them have been completed. DFINITY has awarded us a grant to accelerate our bounties! We’ll be adding some incentives to our current bounties and adding some more over the next few weeks.

What do we need from you? Ideas. What tools are missing? What software needs to be written. The most successful bounties so far have been concrete pieces of work that the whole community can use like the UUID and ULID Motoko libraries.

Don’t lose the significance of this. We’ve been asking for DFINITY to further decentralize the network. They are putting their ICP on the line here and distributing it out to a network of creators and builders. The more bounties we complete, the more ICP they will likely want to pump into this. I really appreciate the work they did (Thanks Lomesh, Alexa, Igor!) to find a pattern that worked inside of their governance structure.

If you are a company/project lead and want to directly sponsor a bounty, check out the details at https://icdevs.org/bounties.html. With the Dfinity grant we’ll be able to turbo charge that bounty with additional ICP.

You can also make general donations(https://icdevs.org/donations.html) that will fund additional bounties and grants. It is the end of the year and we’re a 501c3 Charity for US taxpayers, so check with your accountant and see if donating to ICDevs.org might diffuse some of your tax burden while also pouring resources back into a platform that you have a long term stake in.