Ic-replica compile multiple definition of ZSTD_* error

When I compile ic-replica from “cargo build -p ic-replica”, everything goes well,but links error appeared finally, it said "multiple definition of ZSTD_xxxx", same like multi reference to the same library function.

os platform: Ubuntu 18.04
cargo version: cargo 1.52.0 (69767412a 2021-04-21)
compile method: no usage of Dock, just cargo build -p ic-replica

error I encountered:

I tried many ways and have no idea about this situation, can you give me some idea?

Seems the ic project(at least the main branch) has long time no update? what’s the matter,guys?

The dfinity/ic repository isn’t really “the project”, as the development happens in a private repository. The code should be pushed to dfinity/ic whenever the deployed code changes – so don’t worry if dfinity/ic doesn’t show much activity.

Better use docker to compile since dependencies are pinned down in there and guaranteed to work. For example, I think the supported rust compiler version is 1.45.2. Newer versions may have problems.