Ic developers something weird when calling update call

vendor.85635a73.js:4 Error: Call was rejected:
Request ID: 40a35fff4d9c219f911cd5fb80e17fb366169ebd7d2c389d728fb318139e65c1
Reject code: 5
Reject text: Canister qohn4-fiaaa-aaaak-ady6a-cai violated contract: RequestInPrep: current_size 11 exceeded the allowed limit local-subnet 10485760 remote-subnet 2097152

current_size 11 is slower than local-subnet 10485760 remote-subnet 2097152

The error message is bad, apologies for that. What it’s trying to tell you is that you’re hitting the limit of the maximum payload supported when trying to make a call. For calls in the same subnet, that’s 10MiB and for calls to remote subnets that’s 2MiB. We will improve the error message to make it more useful for future cases.

I suggest you review the places where you’re trying to make inter-canister calls and see which one might be trying to add a large payload to the call.

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