Payload size error for II upgrade proposal

When voting on Proposal: 126735 - ICP Dashboard an error pops up saying : “An error occurred while loading proposal payload. Call was rejected: Request ID: 3f53cfa6d87341a4b53145b01abff7633c53e04fdf410562f82ace8ce545a4c6 Reject code: 5 Reject text: Canister qoctq-giaaa-aaaaa-aaaea-cai violated contract: ic0.msg_reply_data_append: application payload size (3353524) cannot be larger than 2097152 call_on_cleanup also failed: Canister qoctq-giaaa-aaaaa-aaaea-cai violated contract: “ic0_msg_reply_data_append” cannot be executed in cleanup mode”
So I was wondering if we vote yes will the proposal execute or not ?

I haven’t followed the issue in detail, but it might be that the error is ‘just’ some Candid mumbo jumbo rendering, and therefore the execution should be fine.

I think NNS dapp proposal 126734 should address this redering glitch, if I understand correctly, as I haven’t followed the topic closely.

cc @lmuntaner in case something I said above is inaccurate