Ic_cdk::call handling Rejected response

For Rust, whats the correct way of handling the Reject response.

I want to undo a state change if this call fails, but the canister gets in a reject callback mode and wont undo/revert the state via my function.

dfx 0.8.1
using ic-cdk = “0.2.4”

            ic_cdk::call(canister_id, "transfer_notification", ( 
                    to: canister_id,
                    from: ic_cdk::caller(),
                    token_id: token_id,
                    amount: 1
            ).await as CallResult<()> {
                Ok(_) => return true,
                Err(_) => {
                    //gets in rejected state is not executed completely
                    //address_book.undo_transfer(user_id, token_id);
                    return false;