Ic_admin wallet configuration error

So I have an ic_admin identity that I deploy to the mainnet with but I had to reinstall wsl and I get an error when trying to deploy.

So if I run
dfx identity deploy-wallet 4vjdr-aiaaa-aaaal-qbxqq-cai --network ic

It says the wallet canister already exists for the user:

But if I try to get the wallet it says the wallet isn’t confirgured for the same combination

Ultimately I just want to be able to deploy as I was before using the same identity:

Any help appreciated.

My first attempt would be to run dfx identity --ic set-wallet 4vjdr-aiaaa-aaaal-qbxqq-cai --force. If that doesn’t solve it we may have to dig into how your identity is stored/configured.

Thanks Severin, yeah that is deploying, one other thing, it used to have a password to deploy, now it just deploys without any password required. Is there a way to set a password for this identity?

When creating/importing your identity dfx will try to store your identity in keyring/keychain unless you tell it a different option using --storage-mode. I assume this is what happened here and because of that it doesn’t ask you for a password anymore. If you want to go back to password-protected, then you’d have to export, delete, and re-import your identity with --storage-mode password-protected

Ok I think I just went about “backing up” this identity badly. I stored the PEM file elsewhere and recreated the ic_admin user manually by creating the folder and dropping the file in.

I guess I should have created a new ic_admin and just linked it to my cycles canister.

I’m assuming all is fine as someone would need to get their hands on my laptop.