I can't attach a name to Cycle Wallet Canister

I got “set name” after using command dfx wallet set-name,but got “Name hasn’t been set” when calling name using dfx wallet name.
Do I miss something to do?

Mac mini (M1, 2020)
macOs 12.6
dfx 0.11.2

masashi:hello masashi$ dfx wallet --network ic set-name default-wallet
Set name to default-wallet.
masashi:hello masashi$ dfx wallet --network ic name
Name hasn't been set. Call `dfx wallet set-name` to give this cycles wallet a name.

You didn’t miss anything. Wallet names are terribly supported by dfx and I regularly forget about them even existing because they’re not really working at all. For now I recommend you just act as if that feature did not exist.

Thank you for the reminder, I noted it in our backlog to revisit the feature.