I accidentally sent ICP to the Anon Identity

I was testing my stoic wallet integration and I missed passing the identity back to myself after authorization, so I thought I was logged in but the identity was null so the agent was reporting the Anonymous identity. I calculated the default account ID for that and got 1c7a48ba6a562aa9eaa2481a9049cdf0433b9738c992d698c31d8abf89cadc79. I sent some ICP there…and it looks like I’m not the only one! It isn’t a lot, so probably no big deal, but it might be worth hard coding that one in into the ledger to reject. Or maybe refund any straight back to the sender? Strange that this didn’t happen for the first time until 6 days ago!

Another reason to have a true testnet.

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\Rant: It probably also is a good example for why the use of in-band null and sentinel values is a bad idea. :frowning: