How to remove recovery phrase

Thank you @darien but that wasn’t what we are talking about. “The long awaited protected recovery phrase feature is finally ready! This feature allows to protect recovery phrases so that they can only be removed by entering them again.” from July 2022.

The problem with the domain being flagged is from February 2023. That is what I was asking if there was an announcement or warning that you won’t be able to remove the “accidentally created” one.
Specially since Dfinity recommended it as an immediate action !without the warning of not being able to remove it later.

Hope this help and makes sense to you now.

" 5. Potential Questions

Q: What should be the main take-away for users?

A: All ICP users should (A) set up their II anchor under and (B) create recovery phrases for their internet identity anchors, if they do not already have one yet."


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