How to interact with ledger on mainnet

Hi, I have been able to interact with icp ledger locally by deploying the ledger instance.

 "icp_ledger_canister": {
      "type": "custom",
      "candid": "",
      "wasm": "",
      "remote": {
        "id": {
          "ic": "ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai"
      "declarations": {
        "output": "src/dfx/declarations/temp/icp_ledger_canister"

and then interacting with it by creating an actor using the index.js file and .did.js file created by
dfx generate icp_ledger_canister

but i don’t understand how i do it on the mainnet ?. am i supposed to deploy this on mainnet or is there an instance of icp ledger on mainnet if so how do i interact with it ?.

This will make sure that when you deploy to mainnet you automatically hit the ‘real’ ICP ledger

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So, what you are saying is that when i deploy this canister on mainnet i will automatically be hitting the real ledger.