How to grant SNS Prepare Permission for Asset Canister

I need to update my frontend but I need asset canister prepare permission for the OpenFPL frontend.

Is there a proposal type to grant the developer frontend prepare permissions after the sns? I’d imagine we’d all need to do it.


Hi @jamesbeadle,

have you seen the documentation on managing asset canisters via an SNS: SNS asset canisters | Internet Computer ?

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Of course but silly me if I missed it.

Please show me in that page where the command is for an SNS developer to add the prepare permission for an SNS frontend after the sale?

Hello James, we are confirming the command and process here. We will get back to you by tomorrow EOD. Thank you for your patience!

Here it explains how to do it. Do you need more than the upgrade args?

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Hi Severin,

Thanks for this will test asap and will let you know.


Hi @Severin,

Are you able to tell me why this is failing:


I need to get myself frontend permission to update…

Ah I fixed the syntax but it’s still not working… Investigating:


It turns out if i just use

dfx canister --ic install OpenFPL_frontend --mode=upgrade

it’ll just upgrade the frontend for me

I guess I get permission to do that post sns without proposal, didn’t realise

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