How to get historical prices for SNS tokens?

ICPSwap displays the price of each token for each day in the past.
I’m curious how to get the historical price of tokens through the API.
For example, I would like to get a daily price list for Chat since its launch.
Of course, it is possible to get token changes from other sites as well, here I’ll just use ICPSwap as an example.

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There is also ICP Coins, and @infu would be the right one to answer for them. At least for some jurisdictions, it would also be helpful to get access to historic prices for end of year. Do you think that is possible @infu?


Yes, we are working on it and it’s part of the roadmap.

  • interface has to show everything the defi aggregator has
  • the defi aggregator needs to import older data (it currently just records live data, so it has 4months of data only)
  • our architecture needs to support more data (hopefully Motoko stable memory gets Luc’s upgrade soon), or we could just do daily candles for start, that won’t take a lot of space.

icpcoin is really a good option, but the only problem is that there is so little data, no data for some tokens from a long time ago.

We will add it. The alternative is that you inspect every DEX interface and figure out how to fetch the history from there, but they are all different.

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The old data is a really important record, because there’s always a time when it’s useful.
Recently when I inquired about getting data related to ICRC1 tokens, I realized that it’s really a very troublesome thing to do.
icpcoin is a better solution for this and I hope you guys will continue to grow.


If you just need the ‘API’ to ICPSwap, here we’ve made a blast.


This is an awesome tool !


blast is really a great tool and I have also import @infu/icblast in my project.