How to create Internet Identity passkeys on a Huawei phone?

I am having troubles trying to create Internet Identity passkeys on a Huawei phone. My phone is just saying “No app to open” after scanning the QR code, but on all other QR codes the scan works perfectly.
Anyone ever successfully authenticated with the II on a Huawei?
Huawei phones don’t come with google services, maybe that’s the root cause?, because my other samsung phone usually redirect to chrome after scanning the QR code.

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Creating and authenticating with II should work fine using Huawei Browser which is a Chromium browser. Not sure about QR, maybe you need to set it as default browser as well.

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I have Chrome, Brave, Edge, and the Petals browser, I changed them all setting each as the default but when I scan the II QR it keeps saying “No app to open” in all those cases. But when I scan any other QR code it’s working fine and redirecting quickly to the browser. Maybe there is something else missing.

Well you can only use Huawei Browser with II since it’s the only browser running on a Huawei phone that has WebAuthn implemented.