How to code the "effective-canister-id" into the api-url-endpoint?

I didnt see this in the specification but how is the “effective-canister-id” variable supposed to be coded into the api-endpoint-url? is it as the canister’s-principal’s-textual-representation(grouped(base32(crc32(b)b)))? or a string of its bits or bytes? i looked in the javascript agent and it looks from there that its using the canister’s-textual-representation as the effective-canister-id in the api-url-endpoint but i didnt see that in the spec, the spec says that the textual-representation of a canister is not used in the system interface?


Good question! It’s the textual representation. And indeed the line

In these paths, the <effective_canister_id> is the effective canister id.

should be

In these paths, the <effective_canister_id> is the textual representation of the effective canister id.

I’ll update this internally, may take a while to propagate out. Thanks!


:+1:t4: I knew that line was missing something

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