How much ICP must a neuron have staked to submit a proposal?

I’m trying to submit a proposal for Named Neuron Proposal: Paul Young and I’m getting a message which says Neuron doesn't have enough stake to submit proposal.

I had staked 1 ICP and got that error message so I tried 2 ICP, and now 2.9995 ICP.

I’m using the following command:

dfx canister call --identity paul --network ic rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai manage_neuron '( record { id = opt record { id = 8777656085298269769: nat64}; command = opt variant { MakeProposal = record { url = ""; title="Named Neuron Proposal: Paul Young"; summary = "..."; action = opt variant {RegisterKnownNeuron = record {id = opt record { id = 8777656085298269769 : nat64}; known_neuron_data = opt record {name = "Paul Young"; description = ""}}}}}})'


Since the reject cost is 10, I would assume you need 10 ICP.


Thanks. I thought that was changed back to 1 ICP.

Nope, cost has not changed since it was change from 1 to 10. What have changed is the governance weight which was 1, change for 20, then we got spams and was revert to 1 lately to eliminate spams.

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eliminate spams???

Yes. The return of governance weight to 1 (instead of 20) was to stop those spams proposals. First, they change to cost from 1 to 10 iCP to stop the spams proposals. But that did not worked. But the weight from 20 to 1 did work. Am I missing something?

You are right but I couldn’t help myself about reducing spam but that’s for another time as this is not the question.