How do we see the code changes for proposed changes to the IC?

Proposals come with code changes, I’m curious as to where i can find the actual code changes that are being voted on within a particular proposal? Is there a way to pull the repository directly from the proposal submitted so that we can actually see the changes that we’re voting on? I don’t mean a public github repo, as someone could post one change in a GitHub repo and easily submit a different set of changes in a proposal. I wanna know if there is a way to get the code directly from the proposal itself.

If not, how are devs currently going about conducting peer review before votes are made?

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Github instructions how to compare the code between two commits: Comparing commits - GitHub Docs

Let’s take the latest elected replica version proposal: 62143

In this proposal, you have at the top a link to a specific commit on the ic repo and its commit hash: GitHub - dfinity/ic at 5b2647754d0c2200b645d08a6ddce32251438ed5

If we look at the releases section of the dashboard, we can figure out that the previous elected version was for this version: GitHub - dfinity/ic at b90edb9897718730f65e92eb4ff6057b1b25f766

Using the instructions linked at the top, we can construct the comparison url as: Comparing 5b26477..b90edb9 · dfinity/ic · GitHub