Hot or not team is dead?

Hi, does anyone what happened to Hot or not? No liquidity on icpswap and sonic. What is their roadmap for 2024? Are they still developing? They raised 1 million ICP which worths quite something.

The Dapp got rebranded, they couldn’t get the trademarks for Hot or Not worldwide. So they are now they redid the front end in Rust from JS… it’s lightning quick - no latency like any web2 app.

Good news is there isn’t Dex liquidity. It favors the original participants of the SNS launch who staked for 4 years. If you’re a HOT OG your principal should have almost doubled by now. I’m glad they are taking care of the long term holders of the token versus the profit takers and traders or the Dex’s on ICP that like to start Fud campaigns to try and strong arm SNS projects to provide liquidity when they don’t have to.

The HOT Dao will be launching on CEX’s soon, but not just one token, two of them. The governance token HOT and the in-dapp token COYN will both be listed on CEX’s. It’s pivotal for mass adoption and involvement.

That dapps team is expanding rapidly and will be making a big marketing push into strategic locations soon, India will be first! So how do they onboard all these people you’re probably asking? Well, HOT is the very first multi-subnet architecture on the ICP ecosystem, they are in every subnet and the only SoFi dapp capable of onboarding a million+ users. Look for a million users to onboard within 2-months of the big push into India.

The best thing about the Dapp is the ability for users/lurkers to earn side by side the creators. This is huge… the gamification of the Dapp is a special thing they are figuring out.

Best of luck mate.


Thank you for the reply.
I joined the sns but do not see the double of my tokens

Do u know the timeline of listing in cex and which cex? Sounds exciting to be listed

HOT pays the highest rewards of any SNS token. Stake 4-years, never miss a vote and auto restake your maturity. It’s pretty close to doubling the initial position since launch. Cex is very exciting not sure when, but they are using same people that Dfinity used for ICP i believe, definitely a big undertaking because they are launching two tokens not just one, resources are at a premium.

Hot or not has taken out 300k ICP but would not it make sense to add liquidity to DEX before going on to CEX?

it is a big concern the team keeps taking out liquidity for their own benefit. I dont see the progress or development of their product

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does anyone know hot or not team? i feel like they disappeared. no liquidity on dex. no project development. they raised 1 million ICP. Dfinity Foundation should step in and take the money back. otherwise they keep withdrawing the raised ICP for their own benefits.