Help! Total of 71106.36 ICP Tokens of Pre-Sale Investment Not Received for 3 months. Request for DFINITY OFFICIAL and DFINITY Foundation to Assist Investigation

Hello, everyone. I’m a unit from Hong Kong,We participated in the Pre-sale round of DFINITY in 2018. Our account has not received any ICP tokens for the past three months since February 2022.

We did a KYC verification through the email link sent by the project party in June 2021, and binded the wallet address used for the pre-sale round. Our KYC-certified wallet address is: e0b0(e0b07d90f2a350996427c300cc9917f74320fd21f7f5d5bd33e3d10c2d6f7110). Every month, we would receive ICP tokens sent by account e97e(e97e61e313c1a3833b817eb92b761eef648d55368a9f460495276b847cb49926). However we did not receive it in February, March and April of 2022. Thus, we checked the transaction records of account e97e and found some problems:

  1. The Pre-sale tokens are not credited directly to our KYC account, but to account e97e first, and subsequently to our account e0b0;

  2. Account e97e did not transfer ICP to our KYC account e0b0 in February, March and April 2022. However, account e97e transferred 23702 ICPs to an account 9916 on 2022/3/17 06:52:44 UTC and 2022/4/12 17:09 respectively. But account 9916 is not ours.

Our question is: Why are the monthly pre-sale ICP neuron-unlocked tokens not directly sent to our KYC account e0b0 every month, but transferred to our KYC account via an intermediate account e97e that is susceptible to human intervention?

On February 26, 2022, we reported the situation to [email protected] through Mr. Herbert, our person-in-charge in China. After support replied us via email on March 15, they went silent. As of today, the 16th of April, our doubts still have not been resolved.

This is my proposal:Internet Computer Network Status

Request DFINITY OFFICIAL and DFINITY Foundation for assistance in investigating the following:

  1. Is the account e97e officially controlled by the DFINITY OFFICIAL?

  2. If the account e97e is not officially controlled by the DFINITY OFFICIAL could the foundation provide evidence? Who controls this account and how it is created? This is of utmost importance to us. We need this evidence to continue to trace the ICP that has not arrived,For example, recovery through national legal institutions, but evidence needs to be collected,If you need the information provided KYC by me, you can cooperate at any time,Thank you!

大家好,我是来自香港的一家单位,我们参与了2018年Dfinity的Pre-sale round,我们的账号从2022年2月份开始已经有三期没有收到ICP。


1、Pre-sale token没有直接发放到我们的kyc账号,而是先发放到账号e97e,再发到我的kyc账号e0b0;

2、账号e97e在2022年2月份、3月份、4月份没有将icp转我的kyc账号e0b0,并且账号e97e分别在2022/3/17 06:52:44 UTC和2022/4/12 17:09:21 UTC转了23702icp到账号9916,但是账号9916不是我们的;


2022年2月26号我们通过中国区负责人herbert先生将情况反馈给[email protected],3月15号support给我们回了邮件之后,就再也没有给我们回信息,截止到今天4月16号我们的疑问也没有得到解决?

这是我发起提案:Internet Computer Network Status

请求Dfinity官方和Dfinity Foundation协助调查以下内容:




This is terrible. I hope the official can help me to check it carefully.

Why would you submit this as an NNS proposal?


hi, I am one token holder of icp as well, i am just wondering if your problem has been solved or still unsolved?

At present, the foundation is already investigating, and I would like to thank Mr. Herbert, Asia GM, for his help.