🔥 Guys, How do you debug your rust backend canister?

Is it possible to step by step debug rust backend canister code?
How to get the similar experience like when debug java code in IntelliJ IDEA
I walk through the docs. didn’t find it. Cause I want to write code style as test driven development.
So if i can debug🪲 with canister. will be great to find out the problem.
I find out that :
maybe use lldb+wasmtime can work? :smiling_imp:
What if there is a good article about setup steps for debugging will be great!

If you split canister logic and the canister interface you can write unit tests that you can debug normally. Here’s how we do it in the asset canister: canister interface, canister logic, (not very nice) tests

i got it . it helps. give me new idea to write code and test them.