Get_candid_interface_tmp_hack gives IC503 error

I’m trying to query canisters for their candid. This is the command I’m using:
dfx canister call {canister-id} __get_candid_interface_tmp_hack --network ic

This canister returns the expected results: 7rd6z-riaaa-aaaak-afesa-cai

but when I run the same command with this canister: kioj7-mqaaa-aaaag-qctla-cai I get the following error:

Caused by: Failed update call.
  The replica returned a replica error: reject code CanisterError, reject message Canister kioj7-mqaaa-aaaag-qctla-cai trapped explicitly: canister_inspect_message implicitly refused message, error code Some("IC0503")

While researching the “IC0503” error, I found that someone recommended restarting my local replica, but I deemed that as not applicable as I am trying to call a canister on the IC.

The dashboard seems to be able to get the candid for the canister kioj7-mqaaa-aaaag-qctla-cai as you can see here: Canister: kioj7-mqaaa-aaaag-qctla-cai - ICP Dashboard

Why am I getting this IC0503 error?

I don’t know what the error source is, but you can get the candid interface like this:

dfx canister metadata kioj7-mqaaa-aaaag-qctla-cai --network ic candid:service