Generative AI related Application development on IC

Hi Folks,
I have recently seen on twitter and other forums, IC has launched a grant program DFINITY Foundation launches $5 million grant to support Decentralized AI on the Internet Computer Blockchain for AI based applications.

Before applying to a grant application, I was wondering to develop a POC and try out some potential use cases. Is there a document or developer guide which I can refer to invoke some of the AI based capabilities.

For example:

  1. Does IC support any trained modals natively like GPT-4 or LLama 2? If yes, how do we call them ?
  2. Is there a way to fine-tune any of the modals above and use them in our canister ?

Any help is much appreciated here.

Looking forward to build AI based application 100% on chain.


There are no native integrations for now. AFAIU the grant program is mostly there to get an ecosystem of AI projects started, so if you can think of a service you’d like to use for a POC I bet it would make a nice grant application

Just to get the creative juices to flow, I have been following EMC as a layer 2 to ICP. They have made some incredible progress to be discussed in a future announcement/medium article.

The core of EMC is a time-sharing, recycling of idle GPU time. It is packaged as a service that one can use to create images/music etc that can then be marketed as tangible certified assets.

Building on top of that, will likely be a marketplace of prompts /datasets ; whose verification could be very useful; before the buyer buys those.