Future plans for Motoko base library

I’ve lately been toying with the IC & Motoko, trying to gain some experience with the stack.

Having done the tutorials, I meant to implement some bare-bones ‘real-world’ (ie non-tutorial) applications. In doing so I have noticed that the base library lacks support for a variety of fundamental topics such as randomness, time, or networking.

I understand that you’re still in the early stages of working on the IC & Motoko, but some of these missing features rather limit what kind of PoC applications can be created. :slight_smile:

Is there a public roadmap - or information in another form - regarding what kind of features you will be adding to the base library in the upcoming months, or is this information internal as of now?

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I saw a Time module in the base library not that I’ve tried it yet. Or maybe its not ready yet. Idk about other stuff https://github.com/dfinity/motoko-base/tree/master/src

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Yup, that one I stumbled upon too - seems to be a topic someone’s working on.
Currently the only thing it exposes is a type of Unix timestamp (nanoseconds since epoch, it seems), though. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Motoko repo is public of course, as above, but features not found there don’t have a public timeline yet. In the meantime some apps here got a bit creative with some toy randomness, as a substitution:
And Stanley implemented a Lagged Fibonacci Generator in the Hero app generator if it’s suitable for your use case: https://github.com/stanleygjones/hero-app-generator/blob/master/src/hackathon/Utils/Math.mo