Asymmetric encryption algorithm library

I want to know, does Motoko have an official asymmetric encryption algorithm library, or a community-developed algorithm library


No, nothing like this exists or is, as far as I know, on the horizon.

My gut feeling is that this is best handled via developer-accessible FFI, which would allow you to link against C or rust code. That is surely desired, but again a hard nut to crack for various reasons (how to preserve security guarantees of Motoko? How to provide a good developer experience with multi-language builds). So also not really on the horizon.


Porting crypto algorithms/libraries to the IC is easy. The real problem is security. Secure randomness for instance is an issue.


We have a number of these on our list for ICDevs bounties. I’m of the opinion that we should be building this stuff in motoko so that we have a robust set of libraries available to us. As Nomeata said, the FFI stuff isn’t a priority right now so we may be waiting a while. Certainly, crypto libraries are something we should have for a native crypto language. We’ll hopefully have some fun things to announce soon around funding these bounties, but in the meantime, tell us what you want, why, and what the highest priorities are.


On github, there are only a few motoko development libraries I saw, and I stopped updating and submitting it a few months ago.

Is there any news on encryption in Motoko. Is this problem on encryption solved now?