Formation of the first DAO for the $COE project

Soon, ap-coe and COE token holders will be able to participate in the first voting on the ICPswap platform’s voting section.
The purpose of the first vote of the COE project is to price ALP NFTs.
The sale of ALP NFTs is the first stage of raising funds for the COE project. A creative plan aimed at wide publicity of the COE project.

Terms of participation in the DAO

To participate in the DAO, you need to be a holder of ap-coe NFTs or a COE token holder.

Another thing is that you need to keep the relevant assets in a wallet that you can connect to ICPswap to participate in the DAO.
Another tip is that you need to transfer assets to the destination wallet before creating the DAO.
Because a screenshot is taken of the holders before voting.

In the end: we always advise the community to definitely study the project, attracting funds for the purpose of advertising COE with the help of ALP…

A creative idea and unprecedented advertising style, please read and share:

Buy ap-coe NFTs:

Buy COE token: (You can buy COE token with the help of BABYAROF)

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Yes, we inform on social networks.


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