Failed to resolve: could not find `ic_cdk` in the list of imported crates

When I was in cargo.toml adds this to build:
ledger-canister = { git = “GitHub - dfinity/ic: Internet Computer blockchain source: the client/replica software run by nodes”},

Does anyone know how to solve this error?
failed to resolve: could not find ic_cdk in the list of imported crates,

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Yea I got this error too , I solved it by adding the candid crate into the cargo.toml file. Also there are version mismatches so the latest of both ic-cdk crate version and the latest candid crate version

Can’t solve,I used ic-cdk = “0.4.0” and candid = “0.7.11”

Does this help?

Thanks, it should be ic_cdk The candidtype is replaced by candid:: candidtype