Changelog for Rust ic_cdk

Is there a changelog somewhere for the ic_cdk crate?

I noticed there’s a new release version 0.6 that bumps the minor version. I tried adding it to my project but it seems to be breaking #[derive(CandidType)] when paired with the candid crate v0.8.2

Wondering if anyone knows?

Tagging @lwshang since he’s the publisher

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Hi @saikatdas0790,

The changelog is here: cdk-rs/ at main · dfinity/cdk-rs · GitHub

Recent ic-cdk v0.6 was mainly for candid v0.8. I just checked their compatibility by running cdk-rs examples with ic-cdk v0.6.0 and candid v0.8.2. Everything works on my machine.

Could you share more about your project if the issue is still there?


Sure, let me see if I can create a minimal reproduction

I think it might be due to incompatibility with ic-stable-memory custom type SPrincipal. I’ll keep this updated in case it’s the cdk or candid crates.

I created an issue with that library here

Basically trying to derive CandidType on a struct that had one of its fields as an SPrincipal was breaking compilation. Wasn’t sure what it was

ic-stable-memory still depends on candid v0.7 and ic-cdk v0.5. That indeed causes the problem.
You may have to wait for that crate updating dependencies.

Recent candid v0.8 and ic-cdk v0.6 releases were mainly for dependency graph simplification while no feature was added. It’s okay to still use the older version.

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