FACTS have proved that the decline of sns is inseparable from the failed economic model of openchat

Dfinity sns can be said to be a major innovation in the crypto world, which can enable many projects to achieve decentralized governance.
However, what I want to say is not to blindly imitate openxhat’s sales manager model. In fact, this economic model is a failure. After the sale, the long construction lock-up period completely pushed the dapp to the verge of death.
Not to mention, the lock-up is for governance, so that the vault is not controlled and stolen.…
So, why don’t many dapps adopt the ghost economic model for governance?I think the best thing the sns project and the economic model have done so far is ghost, which fully participates in governance and promotes discovery.
Advice for future sns projects, stop following the openchat sales model, send a basket of neurons, and lock up for several months or one or two years.
"Why must it be locked for so long? There are many ways to prevent the theft of the vault in the early stage, so one of the most failed strategies was

Let’s look

During the long lock-in period, the project could not realize value-added at all, let alone let outsiders in, it was because of their economic model that led to the decline of sns.…

True community governance has nothing to do with passive lock-up.Because there are rewards for participating in governance, the community will spontaneously form a force to participate in the lock-up vote.Very much appreciate icghost.

Stop blindly learning cases of failed economic models. It will seriously make dapps directly useless to users. The potential of sns needs to be tapped by various dapps.It is the best policy to give investment users more free space to choose

How many users have you developed for OpenChat? Do you know how many innovative features have been iterated in the OpenChat design? What specifically did you do to help OpenChat DAO?

Even if you invest in opening a restaurant, you cannot withdraw your funds and leave in three to five months. There is nothing wrong with locking up the token for governance, it is just to prevent speculators like you. I don’t know about other projects, but the capabilities and quality of the three great developers of OpenChat are obvious to all. Thanks to them for putting so much work into this DAO.

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I just mentioned that the economic model of openchat is not good. Why didn’t such a good dapp come out? Isn’t it worth reflecting on?
Don’t brag about yourself, okay, my skills are very good.
In the crypto world, the quality of the economic model can determine the life and death of the project.…
just want to make sns better in the future, especially in terms of economic models.

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I agree that governance models with no other use case should be airdropped or just should not exist lol.
I strongly believe that SNS should be start-ups with strong economic foundation. It is the only way for the icp scosystem to succeed.
If you still don’t have a strong use case that can make you “profitable” keep the project in the sandbox until you come up with an idea.
Openchat is an amazing project. Best ive seen on ICP though.
Still lacks the same as whatsapp… Meta is also struggling to make the business on whatsapp profitable.


I really appreciate icGHOST’s ingenious economic model, which is simple and clean, for the following two reasons:
:two: True to Our Promise: Upon our SNS debut, every single $ICP raised went directly into liquidity. This underscores our unwavering dedication to the community, proving we’re more than just words.

:three: Pure On-chain Governance: Within the SNS framework, $GHOST boasts 100% on-chain governance. Every step, every decision, is community-driven, reflecting our complete trust in our community.
Part of the content https://twitter.com/ghost_icp/status/1709478654189912535?s=19


It has been more than a year since Sns was launched, and more than a dozen projects have been successfully launched. For now, for comparison, only ghost’s performance is ok. I hope that the new project will break the rules and ensure the safety of funds. Specify an economic model that meets the interests of investors.And please make a reasonable valuation.