Error configuring custom domain to a canister

Awesome. Thank you so much!

Hello @rbirkner

I was trying to register another domain and I got the same error as before:

{"name":"","canister":"ucnis-pqaaa-aaaal-qjgla-cai","state":{"Failed":"failed to delete dns record"}}
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Hey Stephen,

it was a transient error and the registration was just successfully completed:


Note that there might be errors while processing your registration. However, they are automatically retried and usually, they are just transient.


Hello @rbirkner

I am trying to configure another domain but I am encountering an issue. I have done everything correctly but when I run the command:

curl -sLv -X POST \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ \
    --data @- <<EOF
    "name": ""

I am getting the error:

domain is missing from canister k74i3-jyaaa-aaaal-qjdza-cai list of known domains

I have configured the domain correctly in my ic-domains file. You can even check it here:

This is how the record looks like on namecheap:

Where might the issue be coming from?

This looks all good to me. This error means that the boundary node cannot find the domain name in the file /.well-known/ic-domains. But as you say, the domain is there. I use this command to check:

$ curl

Can you just try submitting the registration again?

Yes, I’ve been doing that for the last two days without any success. What might be the main issue :thinking: ?

Ok, I will give it a try and see what the issue is.

Hey @Stephen-Kimoi, I found the issue. Your ic-domains file contains a whitespace at the end of the line with You can see it here when I request the file and then replace all whitespaces with an asterisk *:

$ curl -s https://$ | tr " " "*"*

So you should just remove the whitespace and it should work. The custom domain service should be more forgiving and strip leading and trailing whitespaces. We already have a short list of improvements for the service and once we get to them, we will also tackle that.

Yes. Thank you so much!