Enquiry: How many Terabytes of Data is DFINITY hosting on AWS?

@sat “Sharing block data, such as through backups to platforms like Arweave, has irreversible consequences. Once data becomes public, there’s no turning back. To maintain this privacy, we create subnet backups on private machines, accessible only to a select few individuals. Even I do not have access to these machines. Simultaneously, we are actively exploring better methods to ensure privacy and data backups. Storing encrypted data on public blockchains is not a viable option, as it would offer minimal value.”
May I ask why Sharing block data poses a security risk? and as a subnet of the blockchain, why is it necessary to backup data to a private computer? Is the subnet so vulnerable? Why Ethernet doesn’t do that?

@hehe, while sharing block data is generally not a security risk for most subnets on the Internet Computer, there are exceptions that could pose significant privacy concerns. Take Internet Identity as an example. Currently, the state of the Internet Identity canister is private, ensuring that access patterns and user identities remain concealed. If this state were made public, anyone could analyze access patterns to infer specific user identities. Therefore, although this might not be a direct security issue, it’s certainly a privacy concern that shouldn’t be overlooked.

In addition to Internet Identity, there are likely other canisters where similar levels of privacy are desirable, further emphasizing the need for cautious data sharing practices.

On the topic of data backups: it’s crucial to distinguish between replication and backup. Though the Internet Computer manages considerably more data than platforms like Ethereum, it trims old data blocks to manage space. Ethereum, by contrast, retains all data blocks, resulting in inherently less data storage. For an insightful read on why replication is not a sufficient backup strategy, check out this article.


Where were would you back up sensitive blockchain data?

So help me understand this

DFINITY keeps the backup, “privately”

In the safe at my home.


The most fundamental principle of blockchain: public transparency and immutability. Even if there are aspects that cannot be completely transparent, it should be clearly communicated to the community. If AWS is being used, there’s no need to belittle it to elevate oneself, let alone mislead the community with such statements. This is truly excessive.

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I agree this should be transparent and communicated to the community. BTW there is nothing to use the cloud as a backup for certain data, as long as the blockchain itself isn’t running on AWS. It makes sense that if any data needs to be backed up that it can’t be done on ICP itself as that would defeat the purpose even if ICP was capable of hosting all this data.


I don’t see either on DFINITY’s blockchain.

this could be true or false, but your message can certainly be written in a different tone. Such toxic forum messages do not help anyone from the community. Unless you’re here only to spread hate and be toxic? What are you trying to achieve actually, what is your objective?

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Your answer is off topic and irrelevant @sat

Please feel free to tag me with answers based on facts not just “trustmebro”

We appreciate DFINITY’s interest in our personal matters and our ops. But from looking at your posts, I can say that ICP is neither public nor immutable.

Debunk this with proofs not with ad-hominem and strawmanning

“We can ask you questions politely, but please don’t evade some issues. You should even proactively explain some of our doubts to the community. I don’t understand how a simple statement like ‘I don’t see either on DFINITY’s blockchain’ can be called ‘Such toxic forum messages.’ What about the things you’ve said? Aren’t those more like deception? If it weren’t for the community’s inquiries, would you admit that some data information is stored on AWS? Or is it still like DOM, using AWS while mocking AWS?”

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IKR, look at these “experts” straw manning and deflecting from every valid question that is relevant to ICP.

What we are doing is giving out free INFORMATION here, which is more accurate than DFINITY’s silly propaganda

You can compete with us only by giving out better and “credible” information. But I doubt by the end of this fiasco, the “credibility” dfinity is clinging on to will fade quicker than the transaction finalization on ICP.

Your posts @sat have motivated us and we have decided to dedicate 200 more hours in this forums

Next time DFINITY tries to even think about sabotaging anyone, let this reply serve as a subtle warning.

are we discussing post quantum cryptography now? true or false? 1 or 0

Which is it? True or False?

DFINITY has muted Apollon Research account.

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Censorship at its finest. DFINITY can continue resorting to social engineering. We document everything.


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Who is “we”? And why are you on this forum?

I’m trying to be helpful and respectful. I expect the others to do the same. Otherwise, we’ll just spit on each other and that doesn’t bring much value to anyone.

@sat Do not tag us anymore. Apollon speaks for Apollon. I speak for myself. I have no interest in debating on a forum rife with censorship and social engineering.

Arweave costs around $4700 per TB (via https://ar-fees.arweave.dev/)

Where as most centralized services with better availability and faster access cost $60 per TB for 1 year, which is likely all the timeline that is required for most scenarios.

Arweave data will last for around 300 years if everything works as they plan, I would argue 10 years is sufficiently enough for most blockchain projects to die off ( :grin:) which would cost $600/TB with traditional bucket storage.

If all you want is an archival solution and not fast access then https://sia.tech/ can do it as low as $1 per TB per month and it’s decentralized.


We are members of the ICP community, and we used to be passionate supporters of ICP (although our enthusiasm has waned a bit now). We are seeking answers about ICP, and as an official source, it seems that there has been some selective withholding and deception. Can you address our questions directly and provide honest answers?

true or false?

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Agreed. There are many things happening in this forum such as

  • Censorship with Flags to hide relevant information
  • Biased Moderation and Banning of Accounts
  • Selective withholding of vital information
  • Distracting People and Locking threads

Note that they have still not answered to the point and instead are beating around the bush

Biased Moderators have never resolved a flag in the topics and have let wenzel hide them by flagging it as inappropriate