Eligibility Quiz and Program Terms and Conditions for the grant program are mising

I’d maybe like to apply for a grant. Under Guidelines, the Submission Manager urges me to “complete the Eligibility Quiz below and carefully review the Eligibility Requirements in the Program Terms and Conditions before submitting your application” but I can’t find these documents/tools anywhere.

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Hi @mymikemiller, did you already create an account in Submittable and start the application? The quiz should show up once you do so. You will also be able to review the program terms once you’re logged into the application as well. Let me know if that does the trick!

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After creating an account, I do see the Terms of Use linked to at the bottom, but I don’t see an eligibility quiz there. I feel like I’m filling out the actual application. Shouldn’t I figure out if I’m eligible before I start filling out the application?

Hmm, that’s strange. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You can send to me via DM if you want.

I just created a new account and it appears to be working for me. If you click the purple “submit” button and create a new account with Submittable, you should see the eligibility quiz populate below the program guidelines as shown here.

Hmm. Are those two questions the full eligibility quiz? I figured there would be more. It starts asking me for “Project Roadmap & Milestones” and other essay questions like “What unique benefits does this work bring to the Internet Computer ecosystem?” This feels like the actual grant application, not an eligibility quiz. Should I treat it as such, or is this somehow just to tell me if I’m eligible to apply?

If you answered those two questions and were eligible, it would have automatically populated the application for you. So, it seems you’re eligible :slight_smile: