Effects of disabling voting rewards in SNS

The ICX community recently initiated and passed a motion proposal to disable voting rewards (see proposal; team neurons abstained from voting). Before creating the proposal that can actually enact these changes, if passed, we wanted to check with DFINITY to ensure there are no technical issues with doing so. Thanks. @lara

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@Seers, indeed, you have the option to set SNS voting rewards to 0%.
A related question is: what incentives do neuron holders have to stake their tokens and participate in voting? While voting rewards serve as one incentive, there might be other mechanisms in place to encourage participation (and I assume that you have discussed this aspect already as part of the motion proposal syndication).


Thanks, Bjoern. Yes, in case it gets adopted, we will look for non-dilutive ways to incentivize.

A follow-up (hypothetical) question: if the voting rewards get re-activated, will the reward calculation continue using the genesis date, or will it start using the re-activation date? will it reward the tokens that weren’t rewarded while inactive?

Edit: proposal is up for voting ICX Proposal: 41 - ICP Dashboard

It will use the genesis date.

will it reward the tokens that weren’t rewarded while inactive?

The voting reward system is forward looking. If the SNS adopts changes to the reward set-up, then the adjustment will be taken into account for future reward events only.

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