DIP20 Token Standard, Not showing balanceOf owner

Hello, I was using DIP20 token standards from Psychedelic :

In which I deployed some token canister named X, and I can now successfully import token X as custom token in Plug wallet. But the main issue is, I am not seeing any token balance in using balanceOf method of Token Canister.
I am using token metaData for token details, in it, Its returning my Principal as Owner , but I have Zero Tokens.

Can someone please help in this, If anyone have gone through complete process of DIP20 deployment , Please help in letting me know where i am doing it wrong.
Thanks in Advance.

Edit : Resolved, I was checking balance of principal using Candid UI, but when checked balance using terminal , It worked.

Hey there! For Dip20, you should specify a initial mint amount when deploying in the arguments, or better call the mint function for your principal id!

If you call the total_supply endpoint, it will also show you the full amount the canister has

Hey, minting for same principal as owner , giving error : (variant {Err=variant {Unauthorized}})

For clarity, are you using the rust version?
Another thing, if you call the owner interface, is your principal id there?

No, I am using motoko interface, I dont know whats wrong is happening… I am getting mine principal as owner. I checked complete code also, It should work.
Also , Do i need to setup up wallet canister ? with my identity before deploying? Because i am deploying it using --no-wallet

Are you making the calls with no wallet? What dfx version are you running?

Yes, I am making call with no wallet. DFX 0.11.0

Can you paste your commands here?

Glad you found the solution!

hey, thanks for responding… just one quick question…

I deployed DIP20 standard tokens, and sent some tokens to my Plug wallet address, but my wallet is not showing any balance of same token. But I can see balance of my plug address via terminal. So just want to know, If you have any idea, how to fix this ? Do Plug support custom DIP20 tokens, transfer and receiving (means the feature of reflecting custom token balance) ?

Hey yeah, I think I responded on the psych discord already, but just in case, you just need to add your canister with the (+) button in the bottom right corner. Make sure dip20 is selected, and it loads the token details, and you’ll be good to go!

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