DFX Version Error

Warning: The version of DFX used (0.9.3) is different than the version being run (0.12.1).     This might happen because your dfx.json specifies an older version, or DFX_VERSION is set in your environment. We are forwarding the command line to the old version. To disable this warning, set the DFX_WARNING=-version_check environment variable. Error when trying to forward to project dfx: Invalid cache for version 0.9.3.Installed executable: 0.12.1

DFX_VERSION=0.8.3 sh -ci "$(curl -sSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)"

Could you please describe your problem and what about the error message is not understandable?

Yes, that’s the error message you showed above already. I’m still not sure what your problem is.

this is likely the relevant section of the error message