Dfx Start error after upgrading to 0.14.0 and not able to install specific dfx version

I needed help regarding embedding an ICP dapp,

using a html file that is embedded on a web page that does a simple redirect to the icp dapp,
I am facing an issue saying ( canister id ) Refused to connect as X-FRAME OPTIONS SET TO DENY.
I didn’t create any headers for the webapp but still receive this I downloaded and use .IC-assets.json5 and allowed family ancestors to all and removed x frame options headed and deployed but the same error and canister refused to connect to the 3rd Party Website.
It works as the 3rd party has added a link button to the html clicking that opens the html in a new window and everything works but not in the iframe after quite few tries I found that the when the app opens in iframe the internet service worker gets install which has its own embedding headers that are set to deny.
How can I embed my 3rd party app if I add .raw.icp0.io the iframe starts loading the page but doesn’t make calls to the Backend.