Dfx start endless loop

It’s been few weeks since I did not faced it but, it is not the first time I run dfx start and my local replica goes banana in an endless loop.

Jan 13 08:41:56.413 ERRO s:22mdx-5ntqs-6f4h6-pfbbi-fomt6-fjjif-xc2gv-fiijp-dsrpc-mt4x6-cae/n:mpmc4-go2tt-bsuum-ofs72-oj26q-kof3v-2xvhx-brkri-j6nnb-tplvy-tqe/ic_btc_consensus/payload_builder Sending the request with callback id 244 to the adapter failed with ConnectionBroken

When this happen got no other choice than killing processes and start from scratch (dfx start --clean) and redeploy everything (:smiling_face_with_tear:) because my local state is broken.

Might good be it is something wrong on my side but, just in case, did anyone faced such issue too?
Did you figured out what lead to such an incorrect state?

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And again…

I think I finally figured out, I got this issue when I actually start dfx start at the root of my mono-repo in which there is no .dfx

root/ <---- if I start incorrectly here, I get that infinite loop error 
root/admin/ <---- if I start correctly here, all good