Dfx nns install dapps outdated

We have a payment protocol, so all transactions will be processed through our canister. This includes trigger transactions(executing tx).

For example, a merchant X displays a QR code with their address. Users scan the QR code and select a token that is acceptable. If the QR code has ckBTC, then ckBTC will be used for payment, utilizing our canister using NNS.

Still unsure if I get it. If you are NOT looking to transfer ICP or ICRC tokens between an NNS dapp account and your canister ID (with or without subaccounts), but rather looking to call a particular function of your canister from the NNS dapp, this is, to my knowledge, currently not supported.

However, if you are just looking to transfer tokens from an NNS dapp account to a destination address, you can “just” encode that address as a QR code value.

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Yes, you got it. I want to call my own function using an NNS dapp.

Thank you for confirming. As I mentioned above, to my knowledge this is not currently supported.

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Okay, got it. So, I have to create my own dapp using an internet identity and QR library for scanning and all. You mentioned about encoding and decoding — am I correct that data will be encoded during scanning and decoded afterward.

What’s “afterward”? After what?

means executing transaction on dapp side

No idea what you mean. Anyway, I think I answered your original main question, you can probably iterate from there. Have fun.

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