Dfx new generate a configuration that use webpack-dev-server version 3


The current dfx new command generate a project that use webpack-dev-server version 3.

It would be nice if an update was made by default.

In the meantime I share my modifications to move to version 4:

webpack.config.js update devServer if you update in package.json the webpack-dev-server to version 4

devServer: {
    proxy: {
      "/api": {
        target: "http://localhost:8000",
        changeOrigin: true,
        pathRewrite: {
          "^/api": "/api",
    static: {
      directory: path.resolve(__dirname, "static"),
      staticOptions: {},
      publicPath: "./src/dfinity_reactJs_reactRouter_babel_assets",
      serveIndex: true,
      watch: true,
    // Upgrade according https://github.com/webpack/webpack-dev-server/blob/master/migration-v4.md
    //hot: true,
    //contentBase: path.resolve(__dirname, "./src/dfinity_reactJs_reactRouter_babel_assets"),
    //watchContentBase: true