Dfx.json skip/ignore option?

Was hitting some canister limitations on deploy when I had multiple React assets building. Is there a simple key:value that you can place in a dfx.json canister entry that simply allows the build/deploy to skip or ignore a canister entry vs removing the entries in your code/dfx.json file? Seems simple and trivial, but could be nice.


  "canisters": {
    "hello": {
      "main": "src/hello/main.mo",
      "type": "motoko",
      "skip": true


Allow JS style comment out would be better.

You can specify an individual canister on the command-line when running commands like these:

dfx canister create <canister-name>
dfx deploy <canister-name>
dfx canister install <canister-name>

Not exactly what you are looking for, but might do the trick.

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