Pass constructor arguments in dfx.json?

Is it possible to pass a default constructor argument for my canister into dfx.json, so that when I simply call dfx deploy, that argument is passed in without specifying it?


Is this something that could be added in the future?


Do we have a documentation on all the possible entries of dfx.json and what we can achieve with different entries in dfx.json.

Please can someone point us to the documentation/resource if any?

@chiedo was also looking and found this.

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I agree that document(Customize the front-end :: Internet Computer) helps.

But it describes less number of options out of all the options that can be passed to dfx.json
I need info about the all the options.


I don’t think it’s documented but you should be able to figure it out from here:

This helps, thank you.
But please someone document as it helps many.