Dfx 0.14.3-beta.0 is released

We’ve released (not yet promoted) dfx 0.14.3-beta.0 in order to address problems installing Internet Identity locally.

It incorporates release candidate replica at commit 0ab9178c6684f122ae713928b3664c33a697e9c4. One relevant change is the removal of openssl as a dependency from signature verification.

DFX_VERSION=0.14.3-beta.0 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://internetcomputer.org/install.sh)"
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We’re still on candid v0.8.4 just because the latest ic-cdk uses that. Is there a better way to keep candid up to date?

I think the issue is that when you use the candid macros it forces you to use the candid crate, not the re-exported one. I did find a way to fix it in some situations but not all.

EDIT - ic-cdk 0.10.0 is out and this seems to have fixed the issue!

The only changeI had to make was to change Type::Text to TypeInner::Text.into(). Hope that is right, it seems to compile o.0

Indeed ic-cdk v0.10.0 was released - yesterday I think - and I read it is compatible with candid v0.9.