"Dfinity" vs ICP vs Dfinity Foundation

Is “Dfinity” a reference to the Dfinity Foundation or what exactly is it. Sometimes it seems like it’s interchangeable with “ICP” and sometimes a reference to an organization.

the original name of the blockchain was “dfinity” or the dfinity network and the foundation was the dfinity foundation. They renamed the blockchain to Internet Computer but kept the foundation name Dfinity, though I believe there is an Internet Computer foundation now also. why they chose to rename it to Internet Computer is something that I will never understand.

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Insane clown posse jokes aside, they really should have kept dfinity as the token name. internet computer is Not marketable

@RatherIcy amazon sounded like a forest

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What on online search is like:
ICP - insane clown posse
IC - Random nonsense
Motoko - Ghost in the Shell cosplay
Internet Computer - Everything about internet and computers

I always just end up putting ‘dfinity’ in the search lol

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For real. hard to imagine they didn’t see that coming with the bad name.

amazon sounded like a forest

actually if you compare name quality amazon would be named E-Commerce Platform. lmao

it took year for peoples to recognize the word amazon as an ecommerce platform so i bet that be the same with the icp.

like bts korean boyband i used to search the word BTS during their early day and the thing that i found were actually awhole bunch of BTS (bangkok transit system) in thailand