Dfinity 'Neurons' and AI Governance


I recently read a (now outdated) medium article published Mar 21, 2017 titled: “Future Governance? Integrating Traditional AI Technology Into the Blockchain Nervous System”.

Points I wanted to highlight:
-“This is an omnipotent hybrid AI system that rejects or approves and then executes proposals”
-“In the earlier article I covered the basic mechanisms of the system but did not explore how we might extend the system by incorporating traditional AI techniques.”

This article was written 4 years ago, so I definitely understand much has changed since then.

The purpose of this post, is to understand what kind of AI is involved with the NNS governance today (if any)? Thanks

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Good question!

I can confirm there is no AI involved in the NNS, and none slated for the foreseeable future. The priority is decentralization, transparency, clarity over more automated decision-making.

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