Dfinity needs to disclose what 200+ scientists are doing?

More than 200 scientists, divided into several groups? What is each group responsible for?

Before making such a statement, you could back it up with a little bit of background research and effort…

These are the rough swaths of the DFINITY roadmap and how that work is broken up

DFINITY’s engineering team is the best in the crypto space from what I’ve seen, and accomplishes an incredible amount compared to larger companies with thousands to tens of thousands of engineers.

The Internet Computer is growing in many different areas - if you’ve been paying attention since Genesis you’d have seen how much work has been delivered.

Twitter has pretty much been the same app for the last 5 years or so.

You’re comparing a :rocket: with an :apple:, so do a bit more digging or research before you, an anonymous person on the internet call for people to lose their jobs.


We don’t need Dom being the next Elon Musk.

It has been online for one and a half years, what do you think has been accomplished?

Just from this past year.

In addition to those that have already been deployed, many of the key features listed are also very, very close to completion.

To much panic latley, just have some patient. Any business in the world that is not a scam require some time and some loss. You can’t grow from an idea to instant profit. When you start firing people you already loss.
Regarding the price, from at least 1 year Icp follow the path of btc, like all other altcoin, Now, because httpoutcall, btc integration, sns,social media just starting to speak the truth about dfinity and ic and a loot more, we will have a great and different path, off course, only up.

Maybe is time to separate forum from technical and important discution and make new section for panic and crazy ideea.

Have you viewed any of the Global R&D public Zoom meetings? There is one on Wednesday this week that outlines what the team is working on.


Also, here’s the playlist for previous Global R&Ds