Dfinity ICP Browser?

Hi Guys

I’m wondering if there is a browser for the IC Protocol under development? I mean the IC Protocol is a new Protocol which functions differently from the TCP/IP Protocol, so it would make sense to develop a browser just for the IC but I have not fund corresponding releases or information that something like this is developed.
Does anybody know if there is planed something like this?

IC Protocol is not a network protocol. For network protocol it use TCP/IP and HTTP. So no need for a new browser.

Is it using HTTP? Can you link corresponding documentation?

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Thank You. Do you also know where one can find resources which explain the IC Protocol more in detail? Something like an academic Paper?

Their docs are kinda unorganized at this point. And the site is hard to navigate.

I did find some pdf papers but forgot the link. :joy: Should be some keyword about “consensus protocol”. Maybe try click around and explore the site for now.

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Yes I think I found that too and I’m wondering if there are also additional, comparable resources explaining other (all) important parts of the IC.
I will continue my search and hopefully this will be improved by dfinity anytime soon.

Anyway thanks for the answers.